What is Mo.net?

Mo.net is a financial modelling system designed by actuaries and written in Microsoft’s powerful and productive .NET development environment. Its primary role is to offer unrivalled flexibility in the financial modelling process and allow the end user to have full transparency of all model code, inputs, calculations and results. Mo.net has an intuitive user interface and only requires the user to have basic skills in writing visual basic (VB) function code (similar to Excel VBA) so it is quick to learn and become productive.

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Mo.net Partners Takaful Model

With Mo.net as a platform, Partners has developed the first actuarial software tailored specifically for Takaful business. Mo.net has been used in the UK by a number of companies to deal with the increased computational complexities required by Solvency II. Drawing from this experience, and with the ever changing regulatory requirements happening in the Takaful industry, Partners has put together a model that can be used to perform an extensive range of actuarial work. The model’s functionalities include product pricing and profit testing, net / gross contribution valuation, statutory valuation under the Malaysian regulatory requirements of Risk Based Capital for Takaful (RBCT), embedded value calculations and many others.

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Mo.net Partners Insurance Model

Partners has also developed actuarial models using the Mo.net software to cater for conventional life insurance and working on developing models for general insurance business. Financial modelling is increasingly complex, not least driven by recent statutory requirements and companies’ own internal stress tests. Being developed fairly recently on the latest IT platform with no legacy issues, Mo.net has its own advantages over other software in the market. Coupled with Partners’ extensive experience in insurance consulting, the actuarial model is set to be one of the best in the market.

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