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Takaful is a form of insurance designed to provide life and non-life benefits to policyholders in a way that is compatible with the restrictions imposed by Islamic Shariah Law.

Actuarial Partners Consulting has been active in takaful insurance consulting since 1984, in all aspects of takaful from company setup to Appointed Actuary work. Our clients include companies using both mudharaba and wakala takaful models, and range in location from Saudi Arabia to Malaysia. For many assignments we are involved from the conceptual stage until product launch and continue to remain involved throughout the actuarial control cycle.

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We have been involved in conventional life insurance consulting since 1977 and conventional general insurance consulting since 1993. We have been the Appointed/Signing Actuary for companies in Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei and the Middle East. Aside from the statutory role, we are also involved, among others, in the due diligence of merger & acquisition exercises (appraisal valuations), pricing and product development of Malaysia national products and development of the yearly Malaysia mortality study.

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Retirement & Employee Benefits

The retirement team at Partners provides advice on retirement plans and other long term benefit schemes to employers, trustees, government bodies and non-governmental organisations. We have the largest retirement practice in Malaysia. We are affiliated to Mercer and work closely with professionals from Mercer to provide other retirement-related services, including investment consulting, communication, global accounting coordination, valuation of stock option plans etc. Partners has been active in retirement benefit consulting in Malaysia since 1977 on a wide range of needs and services.

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