Malaysian Pension Gaps and Reform
Accrual Accounting for Gantian Cuti Rehat


Takaful at a crossroads
Risk Management and Governance in Takaful
Regulatory Developments and Implications for the Industry


Challenges and Opportunities in Managing Participating Business in Malaysia


Actuarial software for Takaful
ALM as a tool for Malaysian business
An Actuary’s view of specific takaful/retakaful risk
Key Trends in the Takaful Sector: Takaful market update
Sharia Compliant annuity schemes


Risk Governance guideline formalises the ERM Framework in Malaysia
Regulating Takaful – Lessons from Malaysia
Potential implications of the recent guidelines on operating costs of Family Takaful Business
ALM under RBC and RBCT
Malaysian RBC experience, The
Micro-Takaful or Mico-Insurance
Tabarru’ – An Actuary’s Dilemma


Developing Takaful Retirement Products
Advancing Takaful Industry to the Next Level

Shariah Standard on Mudarabah


Health Takaful in a Changing Environment
RBC for Family Takaful
Treatment of Participants’ Investment Fund under the RBC Framework
RBC – Valuing Contingent Liabilities in Takaful
Takaful – Reviving the Mutual model


Malaysia’s Pension System from Multi-pillar Perspective
Takaful – Defining “Ethical Insurance”
Regulating Takaful


Mergers and Acquisitions Development in Asia
Buying an insurance company in Taiwan
Corporate Governance in Takaful
Takaful marketing and distribution: The Asian perspective


Risk-Based Capital Framework
Introduction to Incurred But Not Reported (IBNR) Claims
Gross Premium Valuation
Takaful – Concepts and Practice
The Sharing of Surplus in Takaful


Mitigating the Risks in Pension Provision
The Successful Development of a Dual Islamic Finance and Takaful System in Malaysia
Closer Look on the Takaful Model (Arabic)
Potential for Takaful in China
Achieving Common Standards in Takaful Regulations


Financial Adequacy and Coverage of Current Schemes of Old Age
Setup Issues In Starting Takaful
Takaful Windows: An Initial Stepping Stone to Bigger Islamic Insurance Market


The Importance of effective pricing in General Takaful
Pension Design and Marketing
The Islamic Way of Insurance


Application of Actuarial Methods in Takaful Insurance
Liquidity Risk – The Takaful Perspective


Embedded Values – An Indicator of Management Performance
Takaful: An Act Onto Itself


Takaful Products for the Islamic Financial System